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Weight: 2.00
Price: $25.95 


Underwood Horse Medicine is a topical wound spray for minor and major cuts punctures, rips and tears of flesh. Underwood Horse Medicine has been tested and used by breeders of World Champion horses, equine specialist, NCHA Champion, IPRA World Champion, WPRA World Champion, APHA Halter World Champion. Although Underwood Horse Medicine was developed for horses, it's amazing healing properties have been successful other farm and ranch animals such as dogs, cats, goats, sheep, cattle, and even ostriches.

Underwood Horse Medicine is very easy to use. First don't wash or clean the wound. Shake the bottle of Underwood Horse Medicine well. Spray the medicine onto the wound. Then sprinkle on a light dusting of baking powder. Apply daily as many times as possible, at least 2 times daily. Keep out of the morning dew and never wrap the wound area.

Do not pack the baking powder into the wound. It only requires a light dusting.
The baking powder acts as an invisible bandage and accelerates the healing. 
Do not clean the wound.

Benefits of using Underwoods Horse Medicine:
  • Extraordinarily Fast Healing Medicine.
  • Less expensive than prescribed and over the counter medicines.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Can be used on a varity of wounds.

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